10 Nahi 40 (2022)

Watch 10 Nahi 40 2022 Full Hindi Movie Free Online

Director: J.S. Randhawa

Starring: Rakhi Anand Agarwal, Manoj Bakshi, Rajendra Bhatia

Genre: Drama

Released on: 11 Mar 2022

Writer: J.S. Randhawa

IMDB Rating: 9.6/10 (326 Votes)

Duration: N/A

Synopsis: An educational entertainer sending a message to the society to understand and care for the elderly.To know their insecurities and fears as they approach the twilight of their lives. The movie is based on the fact that in the flag end of life all that old people need is love and companionship. Loneliness,insecurity and unpredictability of life makes them bitter. The main attraction of the movie is the unique revolutionary solution to all these issues that will be revealed to the audience in this movie. Laced with humour,10 nahi 40 sends out a message to the youngsters to be more understanding towards the elder people and to the older people it emphasises that life is beautiful and has to be lived with zest and zeal till the end.

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